Nailed Digital

Our Order Management Solution

Nailed Digital has developed a custom Order Management solution for a client in the wine industry. Their previous workflow process was to send orders via email to suppliers and then capture these orders in a excel spreadsheet, which will be used for re-conciliating commission at the end of the month. A tedious process with loads of room for error.

We’ve provided a custom mobile friendly web application developed using a MEAN stack. 

MEAN stack means, it has been developed using the following technologies:

  • MongoDB
  • Express.js
  • Angular.js
  • Node.js

See our Web Development page, to see all the technologies that we make use of.

So now there is only one point of entry:

  • The order gets place by the sales rep.
  • It will send an email to the supplier and to the sales rep to keep reference.
  • The sales rep can see their commission they’ve earned real time.
  • The supplier can log in and see which orders is still incomplete and update orders which statuses have changed.
  • The solution also have a dashboard, which will display the most popular products and suppliers.

Contact us if you would like have a demo of our Order Management solution or if you would like us to build you a custom solution.