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Capturefit, Our New Online Fitness Competition Platform

We’ve been involved in assisting to organise fitness competitions over the last few years, specifically CrossFit competitions.  There is always been a need for a platform for online registration and real-time leader board.

We’ve taken the opportunity to create a platform, CaptureFit, that works for different competition types.

The platform has some cool features and still many more to come:

  • Online Registration for team and individual athlete events
  • Real-time online leader board
  • Payment Gateway integration, currently integrating with PayFast
  • Volunteers and judges’ sign-up forms
  • Administration area to manage all registrations and capture scores
  • Mobile friendly, it works on mobile phones, tablets, desktop PC and even great for displaying the leader board on large screens.
  • Flexible registration forms
  • Flexible workout structure and types

An exciting feature coming soon, will be online competitions. Athletes can capture their scores online and compete remotely.

Clash in the North was the first event to use CaptureFit last week, where 53 teams of 3 athletes competed head to head.

Currently we’re running an event, Fittest in Cape Town 2017, which consists of 3 sub events and will be the first competition to try our online competitions feature for pre-qualifiers.

There is no need to install an mobile app. The platform is available on any device and you can access it from anywhere. As long as you’ve got an active internet connection.

SPECIAL OFFER: You can test our platform for free at your first in-house event.
Contact us below to get more information:

Now for the techies:
The platform has been developed using a custom MEAN stack. MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express, Angular.js and Node.js. So, it’s a full-stack JavaScript application.

If you’re interested in using our platform for your next competition, give us a shout and we would love to help you. You can also contact us on the, website.