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Bevin Reynolds

Online counsellor • Hypnotherapist • Conscious dance facilitator

As a certified Counselling Professional, I believe that we have immense untapped potential that is accessible with some guidance and the right tools and processes.  I endeavour to guide you into a deeper understanding of yourself so that you may experience greater freedom to implement sustainable change in your life.  I believe that we can heal and grow in ways that allow us to not only survive but also adjust, recover and thrive.

Virgin Active Grid Games

Take the body’s primal movements, up the intensity – and mix it all together with a healthy dose of nail-biting competition. Grid Games is designed to push you to your limits, whatever those limits are.

Wixworth Gin

As distinctive as its elegant bottle, Wixworth is everything you expect of a finely crafted classic gin, and more. A beautifully balanced blend of the finest, hand-selected ingredients, Wixworth offers all the pleasures of a classic London Dry Gin along with a uniquely South African flavour that ensures it stands out from the crowd.

Sole Buddies

Christine Prokopiak is a road runner, triathlete, entrepreneur, health and fitness influencer and lifestyle designer. After completing her studies as a marathon coach, strength coach and nutrition specialist, she founded Sole Buddies in 2016, a lifestyle transformation coaching consultancy.


For The Long Run

FOR THE LONG RUN is a registered Non Profit Organisation (NPO) that strives to uplift and rejuvenate the Fisantekraal community in the Western Cape, using running as a mechanism to do so. Our mission is to change the lives of the youth there, and in other communities, and to educate and coach them to use sport to live their best lives.   

Fittest in Cape Town

Fittest in Cape Town was started in 2011 by Jobst Olschewski (founder of Cape CrossFit) with the aim to find the fittest athletes in South Africa through a well rounded test of Functional Fitness. 
The competition then was held at Jobst’s box, but quickly outgrew that and in 2012 & 2013 the competition ran at Camps Bay High School which attracted competitors from all over South Africa to compete on a venue that surely has one of the most epic arena views in the world?

Chaeli sports and Recreation Club

The Chaeli Sports Club’s aim is to promote and provide sports and recreational opportunities for people with disabilities in an inclusive social and sporting environment.

Cape CrossFit

Cape CrossFit is the Original CrossFit affiliate in Cape Town and we have been improving health and fitness levels for a huge amount of people in the Mother City since 2009!

Our mission is to make human beings better at life. Want to climb a mountain? Want to be better at sports? Want to be able to play with your kids on the beach for 2 hours on the weekend? Our way of training will get you there.

Learning in Reach

Learning In Reach is a body of like-minded individuals with an interest in making South Africa succeed through education. We aim to empower the future generation with curiosity and a love of learning by ensuring education equality on the belief that this is the foundation for a stronger democracy.


The Good Rep

We know that managing an event is extremely stressful, and getting enough, but more importantly, EXPERIENCED judges, to assist in running your event, even more so. Let us help you with that. It’s simple – you brief us, and we do the rest!

Headed up by CrossFit competition judging vets, Bianca (aka B) and Imraan (aka Imo), supported by our experienced judging squad who all have the latest CrossFit Judges Certifications, or at least a CrossFit Level 1 Coaching qualification, we will ensure that your events are run fair and consistently – EVERY REP COUNTS!

Cloud 9 Systems

Cloud 9 Systems, a Cape Town based company, specialises in providing Cloud based cost effective and sustainable business solutions. Our mission is to simplify your life and free you from having to worry about IT issues.

Our skilled technicians also deal with all of the sales, installations and support roles that you would expect from a traditional IT company. Simplify your life and contact us today!


Wine Cats

Wine Cats will offer you fantastic wines at the best prices we can find. Some unique, small production (seriously just a few barrels) boutique estates and some of your old favourites. Nowhere will we charge you more than cellar door!


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