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Minco Menu Brings Digital Menus to the Hospitality and Beauty Industries

What are Digital Menus?

We’ve developed Minco Menus to simply turn your printed menu into a touchless, cloud-based, affordable digital menu.

They are ideal for the whole hospitality and beauty industries from restaurants, hotels, guesthouses, BnB’s, beauty salon’s, to franchises, cafe’s, food trucks and food courts. If you use a menu or brochure, you need Minco Menu.

You can have your menu online from the moment you sign up and your guests can immediately browse your dishes and menu items. We do the hosting and management while you run your business.

Your guests can use any device to access the your online menu, browse through dishes and images, read descriptions or dietary information.

Your menu’s are fully customizable to suit your brand. The menu is easy to manage from there, or we can assist you with this as your menu changes.

Key Features:

  • Personalised landing page
  • Menu version history
  • Setup and personally branded
  • Feature your brands and partners
  • Unlimited menus
  • Covid guest log & welcome
  • Interactive & rich media
  • User reviews
  • Social media and item rating
  • Out of stock – mark or hide item functionality
  • Campaigns & Competitions
  • Analytics
  • Loyalty program & Vouchers
  • Personalised domain name
  • Localized – multiple languages
  • Feature your latest menu on your website 
  • Easy to print your menu
  • TV/Tablet Display

SPECIAL OFFER: 21 day FREE Trial (including menu layout)

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