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Is it possible to use popups to grow your business and get quality leads?

We all find popups a bit annoying when you’re trying to find what you’re looking for online, but they can be extremely useful as a conversion tool and help you to achieve quality leads.

Popups done correctly, can be powerful and give customers one last chance to convert.

Here are a few points you need to know:

Design and message

The secret to a great popups is in the design, then make sure your message is exciting and something beneficial. The design should echo the message and be eye catching. You want your visitors to stop and stare.

StuckInCustoms, is a popular travel blog and directs you exactly where you want to go with their landing page popup. It is used for navigation, speeds up the visitors exploration and is used for returning vistors as well.

Let Users Exit the Popup

There are often those popups that exist without an opt-out option in order to put pressure on customers to purchase or subscribe out of desperation.

This is dangerous as the majority of potential customers will leave the website annoyed and most likely will never return as they do not want to feel pressured right away.

To avoid this, always include a back or X button and make it visible for consumers. Otherwise, they will quickly leave your website for good.

The clear design and fun language make this popup a great lead generator, while allowing the customer to exit.

Entry Popups

An entry popup that throws a 15% discount at you is a great hook.

Although entry popups are generally rare, they’re useful for the right offers and common on ecommerce stores. Entry popups trigger a few seconds after a visitor lands on a page. 

Frank and Oak, use an entry footer popup to grab the attention of first time shoppers with a 15% discount. The footer positioning and color grabs the users attention. This entry popup offers value before the user begins their shopping experience which will increase the chance of a final conversion.

Eye-Catching CTA

The most important element of a website is the call-to-action. A great call-to-action should entice the user to complete a specific action.

CTA’s = conversion.

You could encourage users to subscribe to a regular newsletter, download an ebook, , or make the next step for a browsing shopper. It usually has powerful action phrase that persuades the users to convert. 

Some good call-to-action phrases can be Download Now, Click Here, Add to cart, Get XYZ now! and Buy Today.

The copy should describe how they will benefit from clicking the CTA. Why should they download your ebook or subscribe to your newsletter?  Make sure the benefits are clear. 

The next example shows a benefit-oriented CTA, with a value packed headline.

Neil Patel, the founder of KissMetrics, CrazyEgg and QuickSprout, shows off all the best practices in one popup. This popup has it all.

Click popups

When a visitor clicks on a page link, they already have an idea of your offer. This is the reason why a click popups will likely capture more leads than other popup types. 

Click popups are triggered when a visitor clicks on a website page. The copy should explain what you offer and attractive imagery helps to seal the deal with a clear CTA.

GearMoose, a website that shows off some amazing gear, uses strong photography to give their customers a taste of what they can expect if they sign up.

Use Offers to Prevent Cart Abandonment

The rate of shopping cart abandonment is around 70%, so 7 out of 10 shoppers will add an item to their cart and then abandon their cart at the last minute. Popups really do help to bring the rate down.

A popup offering a discount is an opportunity to encourage users to return to your online store and complete their purchase. You can also use a countdown timer to make the decision more urgent.

You can detect a customer’s basket value and trigger a free shipping popup for visitors with over a certain amount of basket value.

The truth is, a good exit-intent campaign CAN provide value and give visitors a reason to stay on your website.

Popups can do wonders for your business when you use them intelligently. You already collect a lot of information about your site visitors, and can easily use that information to get more leads and sales without hurting the user experience on your site.

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