World of online marketing, where HubSpot operates, though, has a reputation for being kind of grubby. Our customers include people who make a living bombarding people with email offers or gaming Google’s search algorithm or figuring out which kind of misleading subject line is most likely to trick someone into opening a message.

We are proud to announce a new product in our line of products, SiteCheck, and best of all it is free

SiteCheck will give you an in-depth analysis of your website and reporting back on the health of your website. I am sure you’ve invested a reasonable amount of time and money on your website. This product will show you what your website is doing right, what you can improve on and what you’re totally missing.

You can also download the report, which might be easier to read.

Compare your website against a competitor’s website and see where you can improve.

Some areas that the product focusses on:


  • Your website’s meta tags
  • Keyword distribution
  • Site structure
  • Link structure

Page Load Speed

  • Detecting if GZip is enabled
  • Check if the website’s images are optimised
  • Reporting back on the amount of web requests and their file size
  • Request response times


  • Responsive design feedback – Is your site mobile optimized?

It will also provide you with helpful recommendations and explaining each aspect of the report. Go ahead try it for yourself and let us know if you have any questions? 

Or let us know if you want us to look at the problem areas on your website.

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