Our product CaptureFit has hit the 100 events milestone

CaptureFit celebrates 100 events! Although it’s an unfortunate fact that most of our events are having to be postponed at this time due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we have some positive news to celebrate; we’ve recently hit our 100th event milestone that we’ve signed up. A special thanks to our users and especially event organisers for […]

Capturefit, Our New Online Fitness Competition Platform

We’ve been involved in assisting to organise fitness competitions over the last few years, specifically CrossFit competitions.  There is always been a need for a platform for online registration and real-time leader board. We’ve taken the opportunity to create a platform, CaptureFit, that works for different competition types. The platform has some cool features and still many […]

Native Cross-Platform Desktop Applications Using Web Technology

With recent developments in Node.js technology, it is now possible to develop native desktop applications that run across different operating systems using Node.js. Two modules that enables it are called nwjs.io and Electron. We prefer Electron as it has been developed by Github and several applications that you use everyday has been built on Electron. Some examples are: Atom editor Slack Visual […]

Our Order Management Solution

Order Management Solution

Nailed Digital has developed a custom Order Management solution for a client in the wine industry. Their previous workflow process was to send orders via email to suppliers and then capture these orders in a excel spreadsheet, which will be used for re-conciliating commission at the end of the month. A tedious process with loads of room for […]

What are Progressive Web Apps and Why You Should Care?

Originally proposed by Google in 2015, they’ve already attracted a lot of attention because of quite a few benefits that makes the developer’s life easier, while the user still get the same app-like experience. Progressive apps are definitely the next big thing that will keep mobile web alive. Think of progressive apps as a website […]